Starting Your Direct Sales Business Online? What You Should Not Do |

With so many ways to reach a wider audience online, stealing people’s emails and spamming them with your business pitches, is a big no-no.Unfortunately, the recruiting aspect of the direct selling business encourages this type of behavior in some people. Even though there’s an incentive to grow your direct sales home business by signing up new consultants, spamming people is the least attractive, not to mention ineffective. You also risk not a making connection with this tactic.You’re also wasting time by going after people who aren’t interested. The key to growing your direct sales business is to get the attention of prospects. A true prospect is someone who is interested in your business. When you have a prospect you can over time develop a relationship that potentially could lead to a business transaction.

A better strategy would be to comment on the person’s blog, friend or follow her or him on one of their social networks, and so forth. Most people are online these days and there’s a good chance they’re on Twitter, Facebook and many other online places that you can friend them.If you find yourself making this spamming mistake, rest assured you’re not the first. Every new direct sales consultant are taught using similar strategies: go after anyone you see and tell them about your business. Keep talking to everyone you meet.In this case, using social media and online tools to spam people with your business opportunity. Go for no and you’ll get more yes’s, right?There’s no doubt the internet offers many tools to market your direct sales business online and maybe that’s the problem for inexperienced consultants. Finding the tools is the easy part. It only takes a few minutes to get a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. The hard part is not knowing what strategies to use to grow your business.Just because you’ve joined multiple social networks doesn’t mean you know which strategies to use to connect with people. Without knowing what to do can hurt your online reputation i.e. spamming people with your business opportunity is one of them.You see this on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. A new consultant tweets repetitively about how awesome the products are and why everyone should join their business opportunity.It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote your business but remember to do more engaging rather than hitting your followers with one-way broadcasts. There’s a right way to toot your own horn on social networks.

From my experience, one of the most effective ways to build my business is creating a content marketing plan that entails which strategies to use to attract the targeted-leads that are looking for my type of business.Without a strategy on how to attract your target audience’s attention, the tools will be ineffective.If you don’t know the proper strategies to find your target prospects and connect with them, you’re more likely to go after anyone and everyone, online and offline.Before you start using the tools, take a step back and think of the strategies you’ll need, to market your direct sales business online the right way.**Not sure where to start? Grab my FREE 27-Page Report to help you grow your direct sales business online the right way.

How to Write Articles – 3 Astonishing Ideas For Writing Articles About Internet and Business Online |

Since the Internet has become mainstream, the opportunities for developing and growing a business – any business – have increased beyond recognition. As little time ago as the early-mid 1990′s the business marketing community were pondering the next big thing.Here are 3 astonishing ideas for writing articles about Internet and business online:1. Businesses now have a worldwide audience right there at their fingertips. It was only a few years ago that possibilities of reaching an audience beyond that in a local area were available, but for a massive price. The only outlets for a reasonable price were phone book and local papers. Radio, television, and magazines all command very high advertising prices. Now, with the platform of the Internet, a whole new and exciting World is open to business owners, and they’re almost unlimited in what they can achieve, for a fraction of what it would have cost, only a few short years ago. Much can be written about these aspects.

2. Providing information to people that helps them improve and expand their business is one of the most satisfying thing any business owner can do. Building a reputation as someone who people can, and do like, and then grow to trust, is a feeling that’s takes some beating. This can only be achieved by one’s character and attitude, and you must be dedicated to your cause, and want to earnestly help people to the best of your ability.

3. Guiding and communicating with people to assist them in getting the most out of what you have to offer is paramount. Always be accessible to your clients; provide, and respond to an email address, if not a phone number and address too.